Rock Excavation Sydney


Rock excavation is described as the excavation of tough, encased, or cemented materials that commonly demand blasting or the use of larger tearing and excavating machinery than is needed for common excavation. Due to the fact that Sydney is built primarily on sandstone, rock breaking and sawing almost always need to be conducted for construction projects. 

However, Tedwards Earthmoving’s extensive rock excavation services in Sydney can get your project on track again if you need to excavate any rock such as rocks, concrete, or heavily compressed ground.

Few Things You Should Know About Rock Excavation

Most property owners, evidently, are unaware of what a rock excavation project involves. Here are some things you should really be cognizant of:

Excavation Machinery

The heavy machinery brought on location can vary depending on the specific of your excavation task, any current shrubs and trees, and the size of the rocks that will be excavated (excavator or a Bobcat).

Removal of Different Types of Rock

Once it comes to serious rock removal, the duration and complexity of the project can be hugely influenced by the type of rock being excavated. Rocks are classified into three types, each with its own set of characteristics.

  1. Sedimentary rock – This type of rock is relatively simple to work with.
  2. Metamorphic rocks – Because they shatter, these rocks can be more difficult to remove.
  3. Igneous rocks – these are the most difficult to excavate but is far less common.

Chemical Extraction

Chemical removal entails using a carefully made chemical to enlarge and create enormous pressure. This method is generally used for very huge and complicated rocks.

Rock Excavation Services by Tedwards Earthmoving

Tedwards Earthmoving provides experienced and qualified construction preparatory solutions to consumers, who require bulk or comprehensive rock excavation services particularly in Sydney. Our team is skilled in rock excavation on difficult construction sites with restricted access or rough terrain.

Rock excavation is a highly complex process that necessitates a high level of expertise from operators who use highly specialized equipment and tools to achieve desired rock excavation outcomes.

Because each construction site presents unique challenges, it is not merely a matter of breaking solid rock and trying to remove it from the location. We understand how to excavate and remove rock safely while causing minimal disruption to the geography of the nearby region.


Fill out our online contact information or please call today to get in touch with the team. We are delighted to customize our services to meet your specific requirements. We’ll arrange for a free customized quote and on-site evaluation for your next earthmoving or deconstruction project in Sydney that requires rock excavation services.


Is it necessary for me to obtain permission to excavate?

If you instead opt for micro digger hire, you’ll be able to access even the smallest spaces. The micro digger’s more compact size means you can drive the machine through alleys and use it easily in gardens.

Plus, if you’re not a fully trained operator, you’ll find that a mini digger is far simpler and easier to use than a large digger. Plus, by comparison, the noise levels will also be reduced, so they’re an ideal solution in residential areas where you want to keep disruption to a minimum.

You are legally obligated to seek council consent and approval for your project construction, based on the type of work. This virtually guarantees that all work is done with trust and in accordance with your state’s safety regulations.