Is The Smallest Excavation the Most Expensive? 

August 19, 2022

It can be challenging for property owners to do excavation work by themselves. This is because most excavation work requires heavy machinery. The cost of residential excavation varies depending on how much work needs to be done, equipment type, and who you hire to do the job. This blog post will tell you how much excavation will cost and what factors can affect the cost. 

Land Excavation Costs 

There are many types of land excavation. The price for a project can be different depending on the conditions of the project. For example, here are three things that can affect the price:   

  • The preparation of the site before construction begins 
  • Digging a hole for a swimming pool installation 
  • The type of project 

In-Ground Swimming Pool:  

It will cost depending on the job’s difficulty if you want to dig a pool in your backyard. Soil that is soft and does not include any obstruction will be less expensive, while soil with rocks or hard to handle will be more expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can go for mini dig Sydney. 

New House Construction:  

The foundation excavation cost usually depends on the foundation size and how deep it needs to be dug. For instance, the costs will be less if the property doesn’t have a 10′ ceiling full basement. The foundation cost depends on the foundation size. 

Existing House Excavation:  

Sometimes, when you want to add some extra attraction like a waterproof barrier or footer drain in your house, you need to excavate. An expert must do this, or it could damage your home’s foundation. If you have a tight budget, you can go for a mini dig in Sydney. 

Excavation Cost Factors 

Most excavation companies charge by the hour. This can cost vary per hour. However, there is an easier way to calculate the cost of your project. You can estimate how many cubic yards of dirt you will need to move and then receive a proposal for a flat fee. The cost depends on various factors. 

Several factors go into the cost of excavating a residential area. Some of them are discussed below: 

  • Location Of Job Site 
  • Project Type 
  • Equipment Type 
  • How Quickly You Need the Work Done 
  • The Time of Year 
  • Labour Requirement 
  • Soil Type 


Location Of Job Site: 

The location is considered the first factor. The place affects how much it costs to do the excavation. For example, if the job site is far away, the company will need to spend more money on gas and time to get the equipment there. If you want to save money, choose a team that is located close by. 

Project Type: 

The type of excavation project will significantly affect the amount you pay for the service. For example, if you need a large hole dug, it will take considerably more time than a small dug. You will need to pay for excavation services depending on your goals. The company will need to know more about your project to give you the estimated cost. 

Equipment Type :  

Different types of equipment might be needed for the job. For example, if there are tight spaces that need to be worked in, then smaller equipment might be necessary. On the other hand, larger machinery would be better if a lot of heavy lifting needs to be done. 

How Quickly You Need the Work Done 

Many excavating companies have many projects they are working on simultaneously. This might mean you will have to wait for them to be available. If you need the work done quickly, you might need to ask several excavators if they can do it. 

Time of Year 

The weather will affect how much it costs to excavate. Mild and warm weather is the best for excavation. This is because the company can work faster without worrying about the weather. 

Labour Requirement 

If a company is hired to do foundation excavation work, they will need to pay their employees for the job. The more workers required for the contract, the more money the contractor will need to spend on labour. The cost of excavation can also be affected by the work of specialists, like complex machine operators or surveyors. 

Soil Type 

Companies usually consider two types of soil. Soil that is easy to dig is called soft soil. Soil that is hard to explore is called hard soil. If the soil is hard to search, the price for excavation will be higher. So, we need to consider the soil type before hiring an excavation company. 


Although the cost of excavation may vary depending on several factors, we have discussed all the essential considerations that will affect the price. By understanding these factors, you can get an estimate for the cost of your project and be better prepared to work with a contractor. It’s essential to consult with a professional excavator like Tedwards Earthmoving, who can assess the scope of work and provide an accurate quote.  

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