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Stone walls can be made from many different materials and can be used to add aesthetic appeal as well as functionality to your outdoor spaces. Stone walls can be used to add some privacy, provide structural support, and can also serve as a central feature of your landscape. 

No matter what the purpose, it is important that stone walls have a strong foundation and that they complement and enhance the look of the building or home appropriately. At Tedwards Earthmoving we have the people and the equipment to raise stonewalls that are strong and great to look at. 

You are one call away from achieving the look that you always wanted for your property, and stonewalls can be one great way of adding the touch of elegance you felt was missing. Call us at 0404 747 027 to see what we can do for you.

Stone Walls

Stone walls can be decorative, functional, and be strong support for the structure you are building. We can help build block walls, new turf, transport soil and create tiered gardens and much more.

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    Some of the services that we offer include swimming pool excavations, landscaping, rock excavations, slab removal. tight access, service trenches, auguring, stonewalls, and extensions. Give us a call at 0404 747 027 to discuss your needs.