Pool Excavation Tight Access Sydney


Excavation is only the first step in constructing your dream swimming pool in your backyard. Excavating, filling, compacting, concrete or fiberglass construction, and so on are all part of the process.

Once called in, the excavation specialists will study the site to determine the soil condition, access for machines and equipment to the construction site, the landscape surrounding the pool, and so on. After careful assessment, they’ll bring in the essential machines and tools, which ranges from large excavators to medium and small excavators.

This is essentially how a tight access pool is excavated.

When is it suitable to excavate a pool with limited access?

To complete such a project, the smallest excavator 730mm wide and mini dump trucks 700mm wide must be used to run the soil out. The job necessitates cautious driving when removing the dirt because the distance is very slender down the back of the wall.

Tedwards Earthmoving can assist.

Tedwards Earthmoving is a Sydney-based firm that specializes in tight-access pool excavation for concrete and fiberglass swimming pools, splash pools, lap pools, spas, and garden ponds in both residential and business properties.

Tedwards Earthmoving, with our expertise in tight access pool excavation in Sydney, can consider taking on what could have been a challenging task with small and limited access down the side of the property to the backyard to remove the soil surface.

Tedwards Earthmoving’s skilled and qualified team can skillfully operate both large and small scale equipment depending on the project specifications. Furthermore, our team is able to visualize the plans and the excavation process, and perform all work with outstanding skill as well as meticulous care.

Alternatively, you can hire tight access pool excavation machinery in Sydney, which can be used with or without the assistance of one of our expert operators. Therefore, you can watch your project come alive from start to finish with our professional and experienced team.


Tedwards Earthmoving’s swimming pool contractors are eager to collaborate with customers. We take pride in being efficient and, most importantly, doing the excavation job right the first time. So please get in touch to get your tight access pool excavation done in Sydney completed to your great delight.


How long does it take to excavate a swimming pool in the ground?

A skilled excavation contractor with the necessary equipment should be able to dig the hole for a pretty standard pool in about 10 hours. Digging a hole for a bigger pool or a pool in a rocky site may take up to two days. Excavation in limited or no access areas may also take much longer.