Sydney Mini Diggers


When you imagine heavy industry and large scale construction, you don’t typically think of small scale, but that is exactly what is required in many commercial situations. Larger machinery and equipment may not always match up or be as agile as smaller machines. This is where the Sydney Mini Diggers, a small but powerful piece of equipment, surpasses its significantly bigger family members.

Mini Diggers are a highly specialized mini variation that can manage and control large or small scale projects. They are among the tiniest machines on the market. These super-compact mini digger is made to easily access narrow and extremely limited spots too.

What is the purpose of Mini Diggers?

Mini Diggers, which are widely available in Sydney, are extremely dependable for any closed space work. All you need is a gateway to let these machines in. This small digger has a huge amount of power and effectiveness. It is the ideal machine for about any job and is both adaptable and reliable.

These Mini Diggers also include a variety of attachments and accessories such as buckets, rippers, and an extra trailer. Talk to the team at Tedwards Earthmoving today if you’re looking for a well-maintained Mini Digger in Sydney that can be delivered to your location when you most need it.

What does Tedwards Earthmoving offer?

Tedwards Earthmoving provides immaculate and well-kept machinery and equipment, outstanding customer service, and scheduling flexibility at a competitive cost.

You can consider hiring the equipment you need for your project with or without the guidance of one of our expert operators (wet hire). With Tedwards Earthmoving’s expertise, you can watch your venture come alive from inception to delivery, with our experienced and qualified team. We already have most of the excavation equipment, tools and materials you’ll need to complete your project.

We offer expertise in tight access and limited spaces and can handle any job from beginning to end. We have a variety of machinery sizes that allow us to reach even the most difficult locations. You can always rely on us for dependable services at reasonable prices. We provide:

  • Exceptional equipment – Our plant and equipment for hire are inexpensive, well-maintained, and kept clean.
  • Reasonable pricing – We offer reasonable rates that are modified based on the length of your project.
  • Adaptability – We are available all week and provide on-site assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customer Support – We offer a trouble-free hiring experience with a can-do mindset that allows us to go above and beyond.

Tedwards Earthmoving’s Mini Diggers service the entire greater Sydney area, so give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.


Contact us today to discuss your site’s Mini Diggers hiring specifications in Sydney, and we’ll arrange a free quote with the most competitive cost excavator rent out rates in Sydney. We can also collaborate with you to develop a hiring strategy that is appropriate for your project.


What is the smallest width your machines can fit through?

We have Mini Diggers in Sydney that can fit through limited access areas with a door width of roughly 76cm.