Tight Access Excavation Sydney


Tight access excavation is the practice of digging up in small or confined spaces. Skilled technicians and compact excavators, Bobcats, and dozers are required. We can transfer our machinery through most conventional door frames and garden entrances with ease. Our skilled operators can easily dig a trench and pits in tight quarters, along with larger jobs such as pool excavation work, water pipe tunneling, and site clearing.

How is it done?

Tight access excavation is generally a big component of the process when building a basement, as well as when conducting improvements to your estate or any work within a current structure. This is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. It is only feasible with highly specialized equipment. To complete such a project, a certified and experienced excavator contractor, as well as the exact size machine, are considered essential.

Tedwards Earthmoving is the best choice for Tight Access Excavation in Sydney

To put it succinctly Tedwards Earthmoving offers complete reliability. They offer tight-access excavation services throughout Sydney. If you’re digging a trench or doing excavation work, our equipment and machinery can get into any small and limited space with ease.

Regardless of how small or big, the project is, our competent contractors are here to assist. We understand how difficult this job can be, particularly if you lack the necessary tools and expertise. With our years of extensive experience and proven record, we are indeed prepared to provide you with the correct type of tight access excavation service in Sydney.

However, apart from using the best technology for tight access excavation services in Sydney, one of our primary concerns is safety. We ensure that every group member has the proper safety equipment and has done mandatory training. Because excavation work can be dangerous, we uphold our duty of reasonable care and prepare our employees to the best standard. Tight access excavation brings a different set of challenges, which is why hiring a competent excavation expert like Tedwards Earthmoving is a great option.

Tedwards Earthmoving has the expertise and industrial equipment to handle everything from building engineering to housing developments. For your sense of security, our tight access excavation team in Sydney is completely certified and insured. As a result, when you select Tedwards Earthmoving, you are selecting outstanding customer service, as well as dependability and professional competence.

With years of industry experience in all types of excavations, we can also provide professional advice on what is and isn’t viable, as well as all of the key planning licenses and documentation.


So, before you reach for the dump truck and shovel, why not take benefit of our vast knowledge about tight access excavation in Sydney. To receive a quote, make sure to contact us through our online platform.


What if I don’t have any access at all?

We have lot of different options that we can explore, such as:

    • Entrances through your front or rear exit, or through a neighboring lawn
    • Lift the equipment over a residence or other barrier.
    • Create access by constructing a series of ramps up and over a barrier.
    • A garage is a popular method of gaining access to a yard.